Condominium And Apartments Developments In Wong Amat ( A )


AD Condominium in Wong Amat 

The area around is not developed, so nobody can be sure what will be there in future. Best suited for the middle-range Thai market as prices are low and quality middling. All units come with tiled floor, painted walls and fitted bathroom. Both empty shells and finished and fully furnished and decorated apartments starting from Bt1.5 million Size range ... 
Completion :: 01 August 2008

AD Hyatt Condominium in Wong Amat 

Most suited to the middle-range Thai market, units coming as empty shells as standard. Although the building faces the sea, sea views are not guaranteed. A novel feature is the rooftop heli-pad. 800 metres from Wong Amat Beach, 4 Rai  
Completion :: 01 August 2012

Ananya Beachfront Condominium Wongamat Phases 3 & 4 in Wong Amat 

“Pattaya’s most exclusive 5-star beachfront condominium” according to sales literature. An oasis of style and relaxation. Designed to exude a delightful tropical ambiance, each unit comes with handsomely appointed bathrooms, beautiful living and dining areas, fully-fitted kitchen, and charming balcony. Moreover, a coffee shop serving fine international ... 
Completion :: 01 August 2008

Ananya Naklua Phases 1 & 2Condominiums in Wong Amat 

The first 2 phases of a 4 phase 5-star project. Customers who have invested in Ananya Phases 1 & 2 have seen capital growth of up to 20% in the past 3 years and many investors who have purchased units for rental purposes are enjoying rental returns of up to 12% per annum. 
Completion :: 01 August 2007


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