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How we help provide direct quality leads to your condo properties whilst providing value for money.

Agent Criteria

The Pattaya Condo Guide is committed to providing a first class product, service and therefore user experience to our website visitors, by doing so we can ensure a high quality audience for our member real estate agents. In order to achieve this we have put some criteria in place for our member estate agents to fulfil in order to be eligible to advertise on our site.

The criteria are as follows:

1. Operate within the traditional estate & letting agency model

  • - The agent must conduct viewings and valuations in all of its offers/packages.
  • - The agent must only list properties that it is instructed to sell or let.
  • - The agent must negotiate on behalf of the vendor or landlord.

2. Run a professional established business

  • - The agent must have a physical business address – PO Boxes are not Accepted.
  • - The agent must be registered at least 18 months and be a Ltd company.
  • - The agent must have a company logo.
  • - The agent must have a landline or a mobile number.

3. Where agents do not fulfill above criteria

Agents are able to advertise on the Pattaya Condo Guide site if they are a member of an estate agent governing body***, as mentioned below:


Common reasons why agents do not meet our criteria

  • - The agent has false or misleading properties.
  • - The agent has outdated property stock that is not listed as ‘sold’ or ‘let’.
  • - The agent does not conduct viewings or valuations.
  • - The agent is a property search agent. We do not allow this business model on our site.

*All agents have to agree to our terms and conditions
** In support of our member agents, The Pattaya Condo Guide reserves the right to refuse or remove advertisers from its sites on a temporary or permanent basis at its sole discretion. Any such member will be directly notified of the decision.
*** Agents that claim member of an estate agent governing body, may be required to provide proof in form of a certificate.

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